Not sure if these signs are unique here in Mexico, but it sure is nice that we finally got one for Ajijic. It was just recently installed on our beautiful Malecón.

This is the only public space in Ajijic that you can’t cross in less than a minute. In fact, not only the Malecón, but the entire lake shore is federal property. And, it’s great for running, walking (both paved and unpaved, or on top of the retaining wall), breathing the fresh air coming off the lake, bird watching, people watching, listening to air moving through the pines, taking in the sunset, and appreciating the natural setting in general.

There are very few people there on weekdays, and even fewer in the morning any day. On holidays and weekends, it gets quite busy with visitors. Ajijic’s Malecón, which is centered on Friendship Park (Parque de Amistad), is much less commercialized than Chapala’s, but also features a skate park, exercise equipment, and a computer parlor (!)

The shore advances and retreats with the lake level, and invasive water hyacinths sometimes cover much of the water surface, though they have recently been removed by mechanical methods. I think the lake shore – which extends far beyond the Malecón in both directions – is the best thing about Ajijic: its heart and soul.

*according to the Guadalajara Reporter the lake is currently at 81.97% of full pool and is expected to rise to 90%, which will result in some localized flooding.