It’s a wonderful walk!

The Malecon in AJijic is a mini boardwalk on the lake. A wide sidewalk for strolling with scattered seating along the way. It’s bordered by a grass area, picnic tables, children’s play areas and even a skateboard ramp area. Quiet in the morning with dog walkers and joggers it becomes more
populated in the afternoons, weekends and holidays. It’s full of serendipity… never know what
will be happening on the malecon….musicians, dancers, birthday parties, mimes. It’s always a pleasant surprise or just a peaceful stroll. Enjoy it!!!

Reviewed 3 July 2015


A unique experience in the middle of nature. Located on the slope of the mountains that surround the town of Mezcala, on an area of ​​about 1.5 hectares and surrounded by majestic trees , is our goat farm Galo de Allende , the ecotourism destination that takes you to live one of the experiences most attractive natural sites in Jalisco. With us you will discover from how a goat farm work , the care and feeding these animals require even small tips on how to live in harmony with nature , and of course all this,while enjoying a few spectacular views of Lake Chapala and the famous Island of Mezcala. Granja Galo de Allende is the perfect enclave for all those people who like to discover new routes sheltered from nature, in an environment totally away from the city.

One of the most entertaining water parks in Mexico, and discover every space of our facilities which has fun, slides, playground, pool with hot water, slow river, soccer fields and playgrounds, organize a holiday or enjoy the best climate in Mexico!


Our New attraction of TOBOLANDIA is a journey through the bowels of a volcano defying the laws of gravity, when entering from reverse, you will experience the thrill of being devoured by the Volcano and being projected onto a 4 meter high sliding ramp, deposed to be received again to finish full of emotions and adventure waiting to be taken again by the power of TOBOLCAN!

Tell them to Ready for strong emotions? then KAMILANCHA is waiting for you prepare to go down in the company of someone on the double tire while you start with a quiet and smooth ride, look for La Luz because when you leave you will descend at full speed a fall of 5 meters vertically at full speed where you will feel a true Kamikaze that conquered his fear by having dared to live this classic attraction. Two on this item.

Incredible Hybrid slide, combining the emotion of a closed and open slide! It starts at the highest part of the tower, and ends at the Rio Fantastico! you will live different modes of navigation with curves, sudden descents, open spaces at a good speed, after so much excitement, relax on entering the RioRio, fantastic, and take a relaxing trip to get back on this excellent slide!

Do you fear the dark? We hope not because this closed slide, you will be surprised to keep you attentive in total darkness, full of sudden descents and curves that will make the dark part of your fun! It ends in a refreshing blow at the end of the pool!

We know that the climate of Chapala is the best in Mexico, so why not enjoy the sun in this slide that is open in its entirety with fun curves and descents, while you enjoy the air in your face to finish with a dip in the pool!

Adrenaline at full speed in our aquatubo, a classic in tobolandia and one of the most visited by the adventurers of the park to reach good speeds with a refreshing dip at FINAL

The fun of going alone at good speed with sudden changes in irection, complement this fun attraction in which you go.

The favorite area of ​​the little ones, which is full of surprises in its 2 areas that are the enchanted castle and the pirate ship, go and discover the surprises that each one has!

For the little ones there is a special area with tropical changos and carts with waterfall stairs and a hilarious troncotobogan!


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Country Club de Chapala (CCC) is a semi-private country club, offering a challenging 9 golf course with beautiful surroundings. The golf course is built along the side of a mountain, with incredible views of Lake Chapala and surrounding mountains. You will find many holes have varying elevations and provide almost every imaginable lie. You will be challenged with blind shots, tree-lined fairways, and doglegs. You will enjoy practicing on a full-scale practice range with pitching area, putting green and sand trap practice area. Website

Located in San Antonio, a mere 5 minutes from Ajijic, Chula Vista Country Club is a hilly and challenging nine hole course that will test your skills as a golfer as well as your cardio vascular system and legs. Caddies are compulsory.