Local Buses

There are bus stops and they are fairly obvious with a bench and a cover at places like in front of Wal-Mart or at the corner where they have the Thursday morning market. Other places it will just be a painted pole with no writing at an intersection.

It is eight pesos for the bigger, nicer buses that run along the Carretera. It is seven pesos for the smaller buses that we laughingly call the chicken buses. They can be in rough shape because they detour off into the neighborhoods and bump along the cobblestones. They are sometimes more convenient because they get you closer to your destination like the plaza in San Antonio or Ajijic. On those side streets, basically, every intersection is a bus stop.

The bus will only stop if you raise your arm to flag them because people are waiting for different buses at the same stop.

08 May 2018


There are a number of local drivers who also work for Uber, officially. You will know them because the first time you call them they will give you a business card with their cell phone number and ask that you call them directly the next time. That is because Uber charges a 30% commission when you book through Uber. If you are here on an extended stay it’s good to get to know a regular driver who speaks decent English. They can often be a valuable resource to answer questions about the local area. Some of them also pool their driver friends so if the one you deal with isn’t available they will find you another driver, so call before you go out.

It is particularly difficult to get a taxi or Uber driver late at night after the buses stop running at 10:00. Call your driver before you go out and make arrangements for a pickup and at what time. If your regular driver isn’t working they will usually find another driver for you.


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There are a number of taxis in the area and some speak very good English. Their fares are normally higher than Uber, especially to the airport because they have to pay a tax going into the airport, which Uber doesn’t pay because they are not licensed and driving a private car. A recent estimate from La Floresta to the airport was $850, a ride that an Uber driver might charge as little as $280 for. The taxis are identifiable and often are newer cars because of licensing. Most taxis are unavailable after about ten o’clock at night.