On January 15, 1955 a group of foreign residents met to form a society, which all foreign residents of Chapala would be invited to join. The intention of the society was to benefit both the foreign residents and the community of Chapala as a whole. 

In 2008 an executive director was hired, and in December 2010, a new constitution framed and adopted at an  Extra Ordinary Meeting . In 2011 the governing board grew to 13 members in compliance with the new constitution. 

Today, the society has 44 students receiving financial aid. The library has expanded, and the video rental library has its own space. The Patio cafe has become a favorite place for catching up with old friends and acquaintances, and the beautiful grounds are used for quiet time as well as many and varied activities.

Forty-five presidents and thousands of volunteers have brought the LCS to where it is today. Looking back to 1955, when the board decided to continue the society, little did they know that several of their original programs to serve the local community would still be alive and well after 60 years.

The LCS has played an important role in the evolution of the lakeside community by adapting to change.  As the LCS prepares for the baby boomer generation, the current Board of Directors has implemented a new Strategic Plan to improve its member and community perception, optimize programs to assure continued relevance, and re-engineer the campus to meet current and future needs.