Ironically, American vacationers live in the nation with highest crime rate among First World countries. Even more ironic, it’s American users, by demanding illegal drugs, who drive the crime in the supplying nations. At any rate, most Americans feel safe at home and can feel safe in Mexico.
Besides making a small town with many tourists and little crime your destination, there are also the sensible precautions anyone can take anywhere. Those include:
  • don’t make gaudy displays of your wealth,
  • don’t leave your valuables on display in an unlocked car, and
  • don’t hang out at lowlife bars.
Of course, a crime could happen. But it could happen anywhere. Just improve your chances by going where it’s safe.
That said, the chance of encountering a disturbing event is way, way unlikely on the Lake Chapala Riviera, home to the biggest expat community of American and Canadians outside of the US and Canada. There:
  • the crime rate is low,
  • natives are welcoming to visitors, and
  • government makes every effort keep tourists safe in order to enhance their tourist industry.
If you’re traveling to receive medical treatment abroad, another good piece of advice is to use a medical facilitator, just in case something unpleasant does happen. Then you’ll have a fellow gringo in your corner in that foreign country. That’s your concierge, someone who lives there, has contacts, and knows the local ropes in order to, say, utilize proper and personal channels to retrieve some missing property.

Jeff Smith