Hospital Clinica Ajijic

At Hospital Ajijic we have been dedicated for over 25 years to take care of the health of all our patients in the area with the most advanced medical instruments and equipment, as well as the most experienced and best prepared doctors in various specialities to give accurate diagnoses. and reliable.

In a complementary way, in our Clinical Hospital, we have transfer service in ambulances and we serve in languages such as Spanish, English and French.

We are at your service, we have laboratory service and we provide 24-hour service throughout the year. We have certifications in providing support to sporting events.

Ajijic Hospital: “Best place where we take care of your health and integrity”.

Carretera Oriente No.33, Ajijic Centro, Chapala, Jalisco
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New Hospital

Local doctor, Santiago Hernandez M.D., has been named the new hospital’s Medical Director. Dr. Hernandez plans to split his new role with his existing family medical practice, Chapala Med in Plaza Interlago in San Antonio Tlayacapan.

A full video of the hospital can be viewed on CHAPALA MED’s FACEBOOK PAGE – CHAPALA MED – RBC Video

A new 30,000 square meter hospital in Ajijic was exclusively announced today to the Lake Chapala Reporter. The facility stands to raise the bar significantly for medical care in this area, providing the same quality of services and staff as that of Guadalajara.

The facility will be called the RIBERA MEDICAL CENTER, modelled after the Vallarta Medical Center in Puerto Vallarta, and will be built and administered by the same people, including:

Lucretia Marrón MacNaught
Victor Manuel Sainz Rocha
Luis Antonio Michel Ruelas

The hospital will be built in Ajijic on the west side of the Libramiento across from the El Dorado condominium complex, and it will be a private facility. That means that services will not be covered by IMSS or Seguro Popular insurance plans, except in the event of overflow from their own facilities, or if special accords are negotiated. Private health insurances plans, however, will cover the new facility’s services, just as they do for other private hospitals in Guadalajara.

The announcement was made today by local doctor Santiago Hernandez M.D. of CHAPALA MED who has been named the hospital’s medical director. He plans to split his new role with his existing family medical practice in Plaza Interlago in San Antonio Tlayacapan.