Lake Chapala Dental Group

Lake Chapala Dental Group has all the dental specialties and the most qualified specialists. Modern and avant-garde.

We will be your partner to create, a beautiful and healthy smile, with the conviction that everyone deserves absolutely the best care and We have a trajectory in the area of ​​Chapala Lake, 30 years, serving patients. Residents in the area, retired Americans and Canadians, to the local population, Mexicans. 


Carretera Hidalgo 244 una 3 Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jalisco
33 1101 0551
MON-FRI: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM, SAT: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM, SUN:Closed

Dr. Carlos is simply amazing! Kind. Compassionate, Professional. He even says he’s sorry if he hurts you. I first visited the good doctor in a mouthful of pain, literally. I saw him every single day for a week and he relieved all my pain. I also needed three root canals done by a specialist from Guadalajara and he negotiated a special price with the specialist due to my terrible financial situation. Highly recommended and please tell him I sent you.
– Gary Jones

Leend Dental

Our commitment is your oral health

We are a group of professionals that understands sometimes going to the dentist could be very annoying.

For that reason, we have the equipment and last generation technology that would make your treatment faster and more effective.

Libramiento Chapala Aijic 132, Local 4,  Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico 45922
MON-FRI: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM FRI&SAT: Closed

Dra Maria Luisa

Dra Maria Luisa

Dra Maria Luisa Clinic offers the very best in dental procedures and technology for general and cosmetic dentistry. The clinic is located at Colon Sur 4-A in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico – just a block and a half south of the plaza.

The clinic is owned and operated by English-speaking Doctora Maria Luisa Luis Villa and her team, who has been providing dental care to Mexicans, Canadians and Americans for over 30 years. Dra Maria Luisa is a dental surgeon, and has been practicing dental care for over 30 years.

And the difference is in the treatments, technology and traditions.

In August 2015, the State of Jalisco recognized Dra Maria Luisa’s professional conduct and contributions to her community – check out her award ¡Felicidades, Dra!

Cash, checks/checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover are all accepted. For Canadians and Americans eligible for tax credits for dental or other medical work performed outside of their country of residence, tax forms are available for your convenience.

Colon Sur 4-A, Ajijic
Monday – Friday:9:00 am – 5:00 pm Saturday:9:00 – 1:00 pm

Dental Express

Dr Edgard Macias, D.D.S


It takes a special kind of dentist with a passion for technology as well as an artistic eye, to create elegantly-formed teeth that work in harmony with a patient’s face. Dr Macias prefers Digital Dentistry over old-school methods for creating the perfect smile makeover because it is the most accurate, fast, and reliable technology available. The Cerec system allows him to maintain control over the entire smile makeover process, from initial consultation through the final fitting. It’s imperative that each step in the process is handled by a professional with an understanding of the patient’s individual dental health, functional requirements, and aesthetics. If any step in the process fails, the results will be inferior.

Dr Macias is certified and experienced in utilizing the cutting-edge CEREC System by Sirona – a world-class technology that allows him to create custom dental implants, dentures and crowns on-site, in his office, without sending the work to an outside lab. This allows the doctor to work with you in real-time to create well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing teeth – that you may see and feel in-place before they are made permanent. That’s something you just can’t get without cutting-edge digital dentistry equipment and technology.

Carretera Poniente 368 Ajijic
376.106.2080 FROM THE US or CANADA: Office:    011.5.376.106.2080 Mobile:  011.52.331.121.6518
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Closed Sundays

Odonto Clinick

We have the most modern equipment! Certified by the National Council of Odontologists. Permanently up to date.
Odontoclinick offers a new variety of quality services in dentistry, nutrition and general medicine.

Carretera poniente 8 i Ajijic

Dental Health One

Why choose us?

Throughout these years we have acquired a lot of experience, which has always been fundamental when it comes to dental treatments, making us the perfect choice to solve all problems related to the dental aesthetic health of our Patients.

Personalized Treatments:

Because we know that each of our patients is unique and requires different types of care, Dental Health One has specific solutions to your needs and, with an Integral team to provide you with the best health experience oral and dental aesthetics.

Carretera Chapala Jocotepec 206 Local 01 Centro Laguna, Ajijic, Jalisco C.P. 45900.
8 am to 5 pm
Know a great dentist who’s not listed? Please send us their contact information including a Facebook page if they have one and we’ll add them to the page. Thanks.

Dr. J. Manuel Ayala Candelas
Maria de Lourdes Barajas Chavez
Tel: (376) 765 – 2800
#467 Madero near the bus station
Reasonably priced, good work, speaks English, Recommended

Dr. Eloy Barragan Fernandez
Tel: (376) 765 – 5584, (c) 333 – 157 – 0136
López Cotilla 272 B, Chapala
Good Work, good price; Recommended

Dr. Francisco Contreras
Tel: (376) 765 – 5757, (c) 331 – 143 – 1787
Hidalgo #68A, Riberas Del Pilar
Modern Equipment, gentle treatment

Dr. Hector Haro
Tel: (376) 765 – 3193, 765 – 6974, 765 – 6410
San Luis #83, Riberas Del Pilar
General and preventive dentistry. Oral rehabilitation, Cosmetic dentistry, bleaching, porcelain crowns, crown & bridge, implants, one of the most expensive but Recommended