There is good bus service here. There is a bus that runs all the way along the coast from Jocotepec all the way to Chapala. And there’s a bus that goes into Guadalajara. Anybody who wants it can take it. It’s available. We don’t discriminate.

They’ve just upgraded the buses recently and it’s a good very bus service. I would venture to say that the buses are mainly used by the Mexican and local population but there are a lot of expats who don’t want a car. They don’t want the responsibility. They don’t want to drive so they catch the bus.

How convenient the bus is depends on where you live but if you live in the village of Ajijic and you want to go to Jocotepec, you walk out to the highway, get on a bus and it will take you directly to the Jocotepec and vice versa you can come right back with the same bus.

Richard Tingen