There is so much going on all year long here in Ajijic. From music in the local bars to fiestas and numerous parades it's a really vibrant community. The locals really know how to party and they celebrate pretty well anything. Many of the fiestas and parades have a religious purpose, from days about local places to the famous Day of the Dead. The love their fireworks and often compete with each other as to who can make the loudest bang.

From excellent local theater to movies at the local theaters, to rodeos, to a host of outdoor activities, Ajijic is the place to enjoy, whether visiting or retiring here.


There were two hits last night at The Spotlight Club. The first was the fan favorite, The Ol’ Country Boys, playing their usual fabulous mix of great country tunes that had the crowd dancing all night long. The second hit was the newly announced menu from Cassie’s kitchen. Just about everyone enjoyed her mix of chili, pizza and chicken wings. The writer tried her oh so tasty lemon pepper wings which were the best in town. 

As much as the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, was known for belting out her songs with characteristic gusto, the equally divine Miss S, Sandi D, would give her a run for her money. Her incredibly strong voice was on full display tonight at The Spotlight Club.

Backed by the equally talented Don on guitar and Rhonda on keyboard their show was not to be missed. With an equal blend of raw talent, comedy, and professionalism, the performance was a treat for their many fans here in Lakeside. Sandi’s rendition of The Rose would make men fall in love with her. She gave the writer the chills on that one and many others.

The equally strong-voiced and talented piano player, Rhonda, did a great job on Under The Boardwalk. Don impressed the crowd with his many seasoned guitar licks, playing one solo using his trusty Bic lighter.

Most unfortunately, Sandi is returning soon to Kelowna, BC, where she, among many other endeavors, is a music teacher and limousine driver. Having spent many great years in the Okanagan we shared many stories. She promised to come back next season. This was her first time here in Lakeside and she said she loved it. Watch for her return to The Spotlight Club and don’t miss it!

Fat Tuesday is the culmination of Carnaval celebrations. The day started with a huge parade filled with allegorical floats and the town’s cross-dressing masked sayacas. A major part of the celebrations are getting blasted with flour, something that discouraged this writer from venturing too close and getting my camera doused with flour, no doubt rendering my camera useless. I took a couple of shots from the safety of the Exoctica bar.

Then it was off to the Malecon, filled to the brim with hundreds of people. Lots of food and drink. A raucous band playing Mexican music and folks dancing. Hundreds of kids running around playing with the many toys, kites and so on for sale in the area. There was a huge area with tables and chairs, roped off in the shade to get out of the blazing sun.

Then it was off to the Jaripeo Rodeo in the Lienza Charro. Came as a bit of a surprise that the published price of fifty pesos turned out to be a hundred and twenty pesos. A little rich for here in Ajijic. That didn’t discourage anyone though because the place was packed. Vendors were selling every imaginable treat, from ice cream with strawberries to fruit cups and more traditional Mexican fare. The live band was incredible and kept things hopping. The rodeo? Well, not the most exciting one the writer had been to. The first bull-riding seen was a guy who totally ignored the eight-second rule by staying on the bucking bull for at least a minute. That was followed by less than caring bulls who ignored all the cowboys waving their blankets trying to get their attention. A couple of them appeared to be a little well trained and just kept looking at the escape gate. On the very rare occasion when the bull did charge at a horse and cowboy the crowd roared their approval.

An interesting note is that the writer asked a very cute girl, who was sitting with a group of her equally cute friends, all drinking tequila and Sprite if they did The Wave in Mexico. She replied that they did, and did it yesterday, but today the crowd was “too drunk” to do it. Love that!

Fun Super Bowl party at El BarCo. Carlos did a great job of setting up numerous tables and TVs everywhere. He had a special Super Bowl menu. It was a challenge for him to get the sound in English but he eventually got it. A good time had by all despite the game being one of the lowest scores of all.

Last night’s performance by the very popular Ol Country Boys at The Spotlight Club was yet another victim of the current gas shortages. They normally play to a packed house but last night the crowd was very light, down more than half. At least there was lots of room on the dance floor. Despite the smaller crowd the band still got everybody up dancing as usual and played like it was to a full house. As a former musician myself I know hard it is to play to a small crowd. It takes very professional musicians who just enjoy playing and ignoring the smaller crowd. The boys (and Martha) did their usual great job.

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