by Lee Steele

I get so tired of answering the same question from gringos who want to move to Mexico and get a job.

First, to legally work in Mexico, you must have a Residente Temporal Visa (applied for at any MX Consulate outside of Mexico). There are specific minimum monthly income requirements you must meet to qualify for this Resident Visa. See—visas.html

Second, you must apply for a Work Permit at the local INM (Immigration) office in the Mexican town/city where you will be living. Often, if you do get employed by a Mexican company, they will help you apply for the Work Permit, but this process can often take several months.

Third, Mexican employers are prohibited by law from hiring foreigners unless they can prove to the gov’t that they have tried and cannot find a Mexican citizen who has the education, skills and experience for that job.

Fourth, to work in Mexico you would most likely need to be fluent in Spanish, since all of your co-workers, bosses and/or customers would be Spanish-speakers.

Fifth, you would be lucky to earn $800/month USD for the type of job you are looking for.

Your best opportunity for working in Mexico without all of the laws & restrictions would be to get a remote online job working for a U.S. company that pays in US Dollars. See…/best-sites-finding-remote-j…/

The chart below shows the average Monthly salary (in Pesos and US Dollars) for different jobs in México.